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Queen of Pain 0

Akasha the Queen of Pain

Akasha the Queen of Pain is a ranged intelligence hero who uses her abilities to close in and deal huge area damage to the enemy.  



Tidehunter Leviathan the Tidehunter is a melee strength hero who is formidable due to his uncommonly tough hide and his ocean spells that sweep enemies upward.  

Doom 0


Doom Lucifer the Doom is a melee strength Hero with strong farming capabilities, good versatility, and one of the strongest single-target spells in the game. His very low starting armor makes him vulnerable to...

Treant Protector 0

Treant Protector

Treant Protector Rooftrellen the Treant Protector is a melee strength hero who excels in supporting and strengthening his allies with his beneficial set of spells using the power of nature.  

Mogul Khan the Axe 0

Mogul Khan the Axe

Mogul Khan the Axe Mogul Khan the Axe is a savage melee strength hero, infamous for creating chaos in battle and thriving off of it. He is commonly played as an initiator with a...

Bounty Hunter 0

Bounty Hunter wallpaper

Bounty Hunter wallpaper Gondar the Bounty Hunter is a melee agility Hero that excels in dealing high amounts of damage to single targets. Bounty Hunter can easily gank other lanes, using his Shadow Walk...

Meepo the Geomancer 0

Meepo the Geomancer dota 2

Meepo the Geomancer Meepo the Geomancer is a melee agility hero who is notorious for being the hardest hero in the game to play effectively due to his heavy reliance on micromanagement.  

Outworld Devourer 0

Outworld Devourer dota 2

Outworld Devourer dota 2 Harbinger the Outworld Devourer is a ranged intelligence hero who qualifies as a carry, though several weaknesses – primarily his inability to combat magic-immune targets – restrict him from true...

Atropos the Bane Elemental 0

Atropos the Bane Elemental

Atropos the Bane Elemental also known simply as Bane, is a ranged intelligence Hero, possessing dark and nightmarish abilities that give him strong disabling, ganking, and nuking prowess. Mostly played as a support, he...

Dota 2 Drow Ranger wallpaper 0

Drow Ranger Dota 2 wallpaper

Dota 2 Drow Ranger wallpaper Drow Ranger is a fierce archer, slowing targets with Frost Arrows and Silencing dangerous ones, while gaining incredible power from her Marksmanship ability.  

Alchemist dota 2 wallpaper 0

Alchemist dota 2 wallpaper

Alchemist dota 2 wallpaper Razzil Darkbrew the Alchemist is a melee strength hero who utilises his alchemical prowess as a strange but versatile fighter.