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Legion Commander dota 2 wallpaper

Tresdin the Legion Commander is a melee Strength hero fitting the role of carry. A highly mobile and predatory hero, her skillset and gameplay revolves mainly around successful killing off targets with her ultimate,...


Anti-Mage dota 2 wallpaper

Anti-Mage dota 2 wallpaper Anti-Mage is a fast melee Agility Carry with an emphasis on disabling and killing high-mana enemies. He has notably high agility and low base attack time, giving him high damage...


Earthshaker DotA 2

Earthshaker Unlike most Strength heroes, he is played more like an Intelligence caster hero and is almost entirely reliant on his spells to inflict heavy damage. TweetShare on Tumblr

Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi wallpaper

Ogre Magi is a melee intelligence hero famous for his random potential for extreme burst damage and his enormous health pool for an intelligence Hero. TweetShare on Tumblr


Viper the Netherdrake

Viper the Netherdrake is a ranged agility Hero who can function as an excellent ganker and carry due to his slowing auto-attacks and his low cooldown ultimate. TweetShare on Tumblr

Pudge Dota 2 Wallpaper

Pudge the Butcher dota 2

Pudge the Butcher is a melee strength hero feared for his incredible gank prowess. Though he may not look like it, he is one of the strongest solo-killing gankers in the entire game, with...